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Road Type Pressure Resistance (MPa) Flexural Strength (MPa)
Average Minimum Average Minimum
District Road, Guangzhou >= 50.0 >= 42 >= 6.0 >= 5.0
Pedestrian Street >= 40.0 >= 35.0 >= 5.0 >= 4.2
IDER Brick Performance Indicators
Item Index Requirements
Water Penetration Rate [mL/(min cm3)] >= 1.5
Permeable Time(s) >= 10
Slip Resistance BPN >= 70
Water Retention Rate (g/cm3) >= 0.06
Water Resistance (mm) <= 35
Weather Resistance Appearance No Damage
Cold Difference >= 3 degrees
Impact Resistance (times Through the body type sand base through the water brick >= 10
Composite sand based permeable brick >= 4
Performance chart
Frost Resistance
Item Index Requirements
Frost Resistance Hot Summer, Cold Winter 25 Freeze Thaw Cycles less than 20 % quality loss less than 20 % anti pressure loss
Cold Zone 50 Freeze Thaw Cycles
The Cold Zone 75 Freeze Thaw Cycles
IDER Product Range Specifications
Name IDER Bricks IDER Stone Design IDER Rock Design IDER Flexible Strip Design
Length x Width x Thickness (mm) 200x100x65 400x200x80 900x450x100 300x300x65
200x200x80 500x250x65
250x250x80 500x250x80
300x150x65 500x250x65
300x150x80 600x300x80
300x300x80 600x600x100
Bricks Types
Stone Types