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Mr. Qin Shengyi, Chairman and President of Rechsand Technology Group Co., Ltd., Dean of Rechsand Manufacturing Research Institute, serves as Senior Engineering Professor and is a recipient of many Government Accolades from the State Council such as Outstanding National Professional and Technical Personnel. He is also a member of the National 12th CPPCC Standing Committee.

He has graduated from Nanjing Institute of Technology and has a Masters of Business Administration from Peking University. He holds key position as Director of State Key Laboratory of “Silicon Sand Resources Utilization”. He has dedicated 35 years of his life on the research for utilization of Desert Sand for various applications such as farming, water conservation, etc. He has published 6 academic papers and holds 670 original patents.

Mr. Chandra Dake is the Executive Chairperson and founding member of the Dake Group - a community empowerment driven environmentally friendly, technology focused organisation. The Dake Group’s key focus areas include renewable energy manufacturing and generation, Agriculture and Technology.

Mr. Dake has a strong philanthropic spirit with a solid focus on community development and upliftment. He has 22 years’ of experience in conceptualizing socially sustainable business models and has made him a leader in the area of economic social development. His farsighted vision is a product of his hands-on approach to the delivery. Mr. Dake is responsible for managing the company, formulating and executing long-term strategies, and interacting with clients, employees, investors and other stakeholders. He ensures the groups’ upkeep of the company’s values, ethics and culture.